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75% of all suicides every day are men in the UK

Look out for the signs that the men in your life are not ok


Depression has tragically become one of the leading causes for suicide attempts across our world. A shocking 90% of these cases are linked to mental or addictive disorders, and only 1 in every 10 young people suffer from a form mental illness that is serious enough to impair their quality of life - yet, fewer than 20% ever receive treatment! Depression can be expressed in an array multitude ways; beyond feeling sadness and hopelessness there can also range from sleeping problems, changes in behaviour and eating habits too.

  • Sudden, abrupt changes in personality

  • Expressions of hopelessness and despair

  • Declining performance at school or work

  • Lack of interest in activities once enjoyed

  • Increased irritability and aggressiveness

  • Withdrawal from family, friends and relationships

  • Lack of hygiene

  • Changes in eating and sleeping habits


Suicidal thoughts can be hard to spot, but it's crucial that we pay attention - even the smallest signs could make all the difference. Warning signs such as hinting at suicide or expressing feelings of hopelessness must not be ignored if they come up in conversation. Reach out and get help today; your actions might just save a life tomorrow

  • “I’d be better off dead.”

  • “I won’t be bothering you much longer.”

  • “You’ll be better off without me around.”

  • “I hate my life.”

  • “I am going to kill myself.”

  • Suicide threats are not always verbal.


Death has a stigma attached to it, and when that obsession becomes too deep, it's time for an alarm bell. Letting the fixation with suicide become overwhelming is one of the clearest warning signs that somebody needs help before tragedy strikes. Don't wait until it's too late - be mindful and act quickly if you sense something isn't right

  • Writings about death

  • Artwork or drawings depicting death

  • Social media posts and comments

  • Talking a lot about death or dying


It's been revealed that a person may be at risk of suicide if they're displaying irritable behavior and engaging in more physical violence. It can affect anyone, male or female! If you notice someone close to you exhibiting such behaviors then it is important to take measures for their wellbeing asap.

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