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Does Business Genuinely Care About Your Well-Being, or Is It Just 'Well-Being White Washing'?

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Everyone has been hearing about how important it is to prioritise well-being.

Is your company genuinely invested in its employees' well-being, or is it just doing a "well-being whitewash"? Let's look at well-being whitewashing and how you can tell if your company is guilty of this practice.

What Exactly is Well-being Whitewashing?

Well-being whitewashing occurs when a company prioritizes the appearance of wellness over the actual implementation of wellness practices. It may look like providing incentives for participating in health and wellness activities without providing the resources to do so. It may also offer health benefits that are not accessible to everyone due to cost or other barriers.

How Can You Tell If Your Company Is Doing This?

You can often tell if a company is guilty of well-being whitewashing by looking at its benefits offerings and corporate culture. Do they offer comprehensive health insurance packages, paid leave, flexible working hours, and other perks that support employee well-being? Or are they just offering lip service with no real substance behind it?

The only way to know if your company cares about your well-being is to ask questions and get involved in the conversation. Ask about the specifics of their benefits packages - who exactly qualifies for them and what kind of coverage they provide. Ask about their stance on workplace stress and how they handle mental health issues. Understand the culture at work - are there any initiatives to promote better work/life balance? Are any measures in place to protect employees from burnout or undue pressure?

Wellness should be more than just words on paper; it should be an integral part of any business's culture. Companies should strive for genuine investment in employee well-being instead of relying on superficial gestures such as providing incentives with no real substance behind them. As an employee, don't be afraid to ask questions and get involved in conversations around wellness, it will help you make sure that your employer truly cares about you.

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